For lubricant or homogenizing

Dedicated Tumblers for Lubricant Bin Blending or Homogenizing and Multi - Purpose Column Lifters/Blenders
for IBC's and Drums and simple Drum blenders for existing Drums or customised ones.


1. PromaTumbler for existing IBC's or PromaBins is the most efficient and flexible way to homogenize powders and granules thanks to its variable speed it guarantees an ideal blending effect even with most difficult products to be blended. The PromaTumbler has been designed in accordance to the most stringent cGMP nroms, with clean pharmaceutical features thanks to it's easy loading cradle design and dual blending inclination which enhances the blending performance. The Tumbler is completely manufactured in AISI 304 in accordance and can be installed with a through wall design. The Bins are easily loaded on the cradle by completely lowering the cradle to floor level. Maximum productivity is assured considering that, once the bins have been blended, they can be transported to the next phases of the production, meaning emptying of the products into the various packaging machines and successive bin washing and drying. This means that the tumbler is ready for a new bin to be blended guaranteeing maximum productivity within the pharmaceutical production plant. The tumbler is equipped with a user frinedly HMI (Human Machine Interface) with a touch screen allowing all the functions of the machines to be displayed.

2. PromaDrum Blender is a simple solution suitable for blending existing standard drums or new promadrums, the machine has the same features as an industrial type tumbler thanks to the dual blending feature and appropriate safety features such as light barriers or safety barriers.

3. PromaLifter/Blender is a multi-function unit, allowing lifting of drums and/or IBC's, blending, milling in line (bin to bin) as well as feeding tablet presses, blister machines, sachet filling and tablet, counting machines etc, All in one unit.




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