Granulation process

High Shear Mixer Granulators and/or One Bowl Mixer Granulator Dryers.
Wet and Dry milling in line. High Shear Mixer Granulator Dryers combined with traditional Fluid Bed Dryers.


PromaHSMG - High Shear Mixer Granulator, designed to mix and granulate various pharmaceutical powders in different formulations. The Granulation process is achieved by the combined action of the bottom driven impeller, chopper and bindign solution which is sprayed into the bed of powder during the process. The whole process from product loading, mixing, granulation, milling, and optionally drying is performed in the same machine.

The Granulator is suitable to produce a variety of different products and is also ideal for high potent drugs with the implementation of split valves which guarantees safety to the operator and avoid cross contamination. The entire machine can be equipped with CIP (Cleaning in Place system) or WIP (Washing in Place) allowing a validated cleaning procedure and fast product change over. The whole working process can be executed in manual mode or automatic mode, allowing each function to be activated and deactivated according to set working recipes and parameters previously edited on te HMI (Human Machine Interface). The granulator according to the required configuration be provided with a double jacket for heating and cooling the product and furthermore can be equipped with the necessary auxiliary units such a heating and cooling exchanger, vacuum group and binding solutions vessels.

These units are very versatile and compact allowing maximum flexibility and productivity. The internal parts of the granulator have a very smooth mirror polish allowing a total evacuation of the product and washing medium. Through wall installations allow a separation between the technical area and production area for maintenance activities.

Laboratory and pilot size units are available to perform feasibility and pilot scale batches therefore allowing scale-up activities to production size units.

The PromaHSG - High Shear Mixer Granulator can be combined with traditional fluid bed dryers by a hermetic type connection system.




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