Transfer system process

Column Lifters for feeding various packaging machines, Bin Docking stations by Gravity feeding
(Multi-level floors) or Horizontal feeding by pneumatic Coveyors. Bin to bin with in line calibration.


Promatech Integrated Powder Handling System provides several Bin Feeding or Docking solutions according to building lay-out:

1. One Level Building - Horizontal Feeding: this solution implies the employment of docking stations equipped with Transfer Hopper combined with a Pneumatic Conveyor and connected to the Tablet Presses or other packaging machines, principally when there is limited head room height Production area.

2. One Level Building - Vertical Feeding: this solution implies the employment of a PromaLifting Column when there is sufficient head room height; the lifter can be manually operated or optionally all the movements can be automatically operated, meaning there will be a PLC and the bin valve will be opened by an automatic actuator and interfaced with the machine level sensors.

3. Two Level Building - Vertical Feeding: this solution implies gravity feeding when there is a two level building, a bin docking station and vertical chute is connected between the docking station and the tablet press positioned on the floor below. The solution can be supplied to decelerated the product thereby avoiding de-mixing of the product. A fully automated system can be provided with a PLC in order to assure the complete emptying of the bin in automatic manner.

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